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The main goal of the «TD «Uralsky standart», JSC -

creation of pipelines for honest service to us and our descendants 

Dear manufacturers! 

We invite You to cooperation!

We will provide effective promotion of your products on the markets of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries!


    Our company «TD «Uralsky Standart», JSC is a holding company of a group of commercial and production enterprises, which carries on business in two directions:

     1) Complex supplying of high-quality pipe products for assembling new pipelines in the external networks of water supplying and water disposal: (ductile iron pipes, pressure concrete pipes with steel core, pipes made of other durable and trouble-free materials, valves for water and sewerage).

     2) Supplying unique valves for heating, chemical, oil and gas industry.

     Today our company «TD «Uralsky Standart», JSC is known as the most reliable supplier of high-quality and innovative pipes and fittings for important pipeline projects.

     We have a large database of consumers and the history of contacting with them. That’s why we know individual preferences and features of each client. We are always ready to answer questions of any complexity and to offer the best solution. This gives us the opportunity to optimally effort on promotion of production, to plan our activities, and to predict project. We use the most modern kind of communications. We are experienced in all stages of delivering products to our customer – we deliver products from foreign suppliers to the customers throughout the territory of Russia and CIS countries quickly, reliably and exactly in time.

     Our responsibility for the high quality of the supplied products and honest attitude with our customers are confirmed by the official feedback and thanks.

     TD «Uralsky Standart», JSC is widely known because the fact that we are constantly taking part in different specialized events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars, technical meetings, publications in specialized editions, magazines, advisory webinars). Since 2006 we produce our own newsletter for professionals in water supplying & water disposal and distribute it all over Russia and in other CIS countries. We used to work side by side with the chiefs of the most ministries and departments responsible for water supplying and sewerage systems, regional municipalities, water companies, design institutes, construction companies. Also, we have created a private Agency network covering Russian and CIS markets.

     Commercial activity of our group carries out since 1993. In 2002 we had created a distribution network for ductile iron pipes producer: Lipetsk metallurgical plant «Svobodny Sokol» - the only producer of ductile iron pipes in Russia. Since 2005 ««TD «Uralsky Standart», JSC promotes the products of XinXing on the Russian and CIS markets. Since 2010 we have began to cooperate actively with major innovative company China Valves Technology, which produces unique valves.

     In 2014 we expect growth of demand for water supplying and water disposal pipelines, because of support from the Federal & local budgets. The quality and reliability of your products we guarantee by our name, that’s why we invite to cooperation reliable suppliers, who produce high-technology pipe products that are interested to work in markets of Russia and CIS countries.

     We are ready to sell ductile iron pipes, pressure concrete pipes with steel core, pipes made from other durable and trouble-free materials, unique pipeline valves.

     If you are interested in long-term cooperation with our company, we are ready to make all the necessary documentation.

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